theatre with music

Freedom Papers   piece of verbatim theatre with music for 15 actors, 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 double bass, 1 clarinet (2019)

works for chamber orchestra

Don Juan at Forty   poem by Ron Butlin for baritone, 1 flute, 1 oboe, 1 clarinet in B flat, 1 contrabassoon and strings  (orchestrated 2013)

works for large orchestra

Tour et Retour   for piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, English horn, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, 2 bassoons, contrabassoon, 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, bass trombone, tuba, timpani, snare drum, triangles, tubular bells, and strings (2013)

Sola Caritate (Glaube - Liebe - Hoffnung)   for mezzosoprano, baritone & orchestra to a text by Christoph Weber-Berg, Ernst Weber and Samuel Jakob (2017)

works for solo piano

Variations, Additions and Distractions   for piano solo (1997)

Color, Form and Dissolution   for piano solo (1998)

Compression of the Elements   for piano solo (1999)

15 Vignetten  für Klavier   (2000) available at Certosa Verlag

Sieben Trifft Fünf   (2008)

Three Bagatelles   (2012-13)

works for 4-hand piano

Spirals Unwinding   (2002)

other chamber music works

Drei mechanische Inventionen   for oboe and violoncello (1996)

Sonate   for violin and piano (1996)

Pentamotivo   for violin solo (1999) available at Certosa Verlag

Impasse   for violin and piano (2000)

Khanti   trio for flute, violin and piano (2002), version for flute, alto flute and piano (2020)

Aus den Schatten   for clarinet, violoncello and piano (2005)

Precarious Paradise   for trumpet and piano (2005) available at Certosa Verlag

Aurora Empor   for panflute, viola, Cello and harp (2006)

Shifting Accents   for marimba, accordion and double bass (2014)

Wind Up & Unravel   for string quartet (2015)

Five Duets   for two violins (2015-16)

A Melancholy Break  for melody instrument and piano (2018, versions available for violin, trumpet or alphorn)

Dante's Dream  for string quartet (2020)

Stolen Goods   for string quartet (2020)

vocal ensembles

Animalische Geschichten   with piano accompaniment to poems by Christian Morgenstern (1998):

         Igel und Agel (solo)
          Der Walfafisch (solo)
          Die Drei Spatzen (men’s trio)
          Der Heroische Pudel (SATB quartet)

Der Einsiedler   by Joseph von Eichendorff for 4-part women’s choir, flute, violin and 4-hand piano (2000)

Taub Raum Stumm   to a poem by Johanna Lier for 3-part women’s choir a cappella (2001)

Die Zunge   to a poem by Johanna Lier for 3-part women’s choir a cappella (2002)

verlassen hassen münzen   to a poem by Johanna Lier for 3-part women’s choir a cappella (2002)

Nachtbesuche   to texts by Friedrich Rückert for soprano, mezzo-soprano, violin and piano (2004)

Die Knigge-Kantate   to texts by Ernst Meister, Rudolf Hans Fürrer and Julia Schwartz for vocal quartet and piano (2012)

songs with piano accompaniment – poems in german

Drei Lieder   to poems by Hermann Hesse (1992)

Die Nacht   four songs to poems by Rainer Maria Rilke (1994 - 95)

Drei Weihnachtslieder   (1996) available at Certosa Verlag

Zwischen Leben und Tod   to a poem by Friedrich Rückert (1999)

Ich bin nicht tot   5 songs to poems by Franz Werfel, Georg Trakl and Else Lasker-Schüler with piano accompaniment (2014)

Ich, Frau 3 songs to poems by Friedrich Rückert with piano accompaniment (2020)

songs with piano accompaniment - poems in english and french

Whispers of Heavenly Death   settings of five poems by Walt Whitman (1993-94)

8 Haikus   words and music (1997-98)

Songs of Love & Reflection   poems by Sara Teasdale (2001)

Don Juan at Forty   to a poem by Ron Butlin (2010)

A Tale of a Citizen and his Wife   Elegy XV of John Donne for baritone and piano (2016)

Délice et Tendresse   4 mélodies to poems by Paul Valéry for voice and piano (2016)

sacred works

Zwei Psalmen (Nr. 9 & Nr. 33)   for choir a cappella (1994)

Psalm 13   for soprano, mezzo-soprano, violin and organ (1994)

Psalm 142   for choir a cappella (1997)

Psalm 103   for choir, violin and piano or organ (2007)

In Kraft des Herrn vertilge ich sie (Psalm 118)   for choir, accordion and piano (2013)

other works for choir

Tre ombre in croce   to Dante's Inferno Canto XVI, 1-90 for choir a cappella (2007)

The Wind and the Weather   texts by Christian Morgenstern, Sara Teasdale and Paul Verlaine for chorus a cappella (2015)

        Der Wind als Liebender & Wind und Geige
        Wild Asters (Kenyon Chamber Singers, conductor Benjamin Locke)
        Épilogue I
        The Wind (Kenyon Chamber Singers, conductor Benjamin Locke)

Let me not to the marriage (Shakespeare Sonnet 116)   for chorus SATB and strings (2015)

The Voyage of the Soul   10 poems by Walt Whitman for chorus a cappella (2017)

Auf den Tod meiner kleinen Weckeruhr  to a poem by Christian Morgenstern for Men's Chorus (2020)

vocal chamber music works

Zwei Reflexionen   to poems by Rilke for soprano and violoncello (1995)

The Ruins of the Heart   five poems and four quatrains of Rumi for mezzo-soprano, oboe and percussion (1996)

Lamento   for female voice, tenorsaxophone, congas and piano (this film is the 1998 version, music was revised 2020)

Zwei Elementarphantasien   to poems by Christian Morgenstern for flute and voice (1999)

Breaking Silence   poems from „Histories of Desire“ by Ron Butlin for mezzo-soprano, clarinet in A and piano (2003)
       One Life
        The Painting Lesson
        A Ballad: In My House

Denkmal einer Stunde    to poems by Friedrich Rückert for soprano and piano trio (2011)

Herso   poems from Susana Gardner's book of the same name for voice and violin (2012)

Five Fjords   to texts by Zachary Schomburg for voice, violoncello and piano (2014)

Aire de nocturno   to a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca for voice, flute, alto flute and piano (2020)