BodyVoice workshop

You need to give a speech or perform in front of others. Your voice is lacking presence. You feel nervous and your breathing is tense and shallow.


How can you free your voice so that it might carry, so that your breath supports you and your voice sounds authentic?


In this BodyVoice workshop you learn to allow your body to carry your voice, as well as to control your breath in such a way that it becomes efficient, deep and relaxed. You will get a sense for the center of your speaking voice through stretching, breathing and speaking exercises. As part of a group you will discover how others perceive you and you will observe them in turn.

Target groups
-  Actors, singers, teachers, lawyers, judges, business leaders and people in sales
-  Anyone who would like to improve their speech performance

My Offer
-  One-on-one or group instruction in English or German with 2 to 8 participants
-  Workshops or regular lessons

Prices on request